Man Uses Girlfriend's Pinterest to Plan Dream Proposal, Wedding

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Ryan Leak, 27, overheard girlfriend Amanda Roman, 25, tell a friend how she thought it would be cool to get engaged and married on the same day.

So he clandestinely went on her Pinterest page and made it happen.

Leak spent a year trying to figure out a way to make that surprise happen, but being a guy, lacked for the specifics that would make her dream day.

Enter Pinterest, the ultimate virtual wingman!

The collage site that allows people to visually organize pictures, ideas and fantasies by “pinning” them to different “boards" became Leak's go-to.

After he found his beloved’s Pinterest wedding board, on which she had pinned 200 related ideas and inspirations, all he had to do was execute them.

“She actually planned the entire wedding, without even knowing she planned the entire wedding,” Leak said of Operation Stealth Pinterest Wedding.

Leak had thought of everything; he even flew in her preferred hairdresser and makeup artist, and arranged for all her family and friends to be there.

Needless to say, his bride was beside herself.

“The day was even better than how I would have planned it,” she said. “Realistically I never thought that I would be able to pull off some of the things I saw."

The 25-year-old newlywed added, "Ryan is a risk-taker and he didn’t settle for my watered-down version of my ‘dream wedding’ ... he went for the gusto.”

Check out the full-length documentary below:

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