Lindsay Lohan Gets Paid For Mall Appearance, Blows All the Cash Partying in Ibiza

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Lindsay Lohan's European bender is entering its fifth month with no sign of slowing down. Sadly, we don't have any new Lohan bikini photos to share with you today, but don't worry - Lindsay is still showing us an embarrassing side of herself that she should probably keep hidden.

Lindsay Lohan in Ibiza

As you may have heard, Lindsay isn't exactly setting the world on fire with her acting career these days, and she needs to fund her jet-setting, coke-hoovering lifestyle somehow, so she recently did a mall appearance in Austria.

Naturally, Lindsay's reps have remained tight-lipped about how much she was paid for this low-point in her career, but it was just a freakin' mall appearance. Lindsay sat around and signed Mean Girls posters for some nostalgic fans and probably made in the low-to-mid five-figure range for an afternoon's work.

Not bad, but not exactly "fly all your friends to Ibiza for a weekend of top shelf partying" money. Sadly, this is Lindsay we're talking about, so that's exactly what she did.

Linds and some hangers-on hightailed it to the Spanish party capital within hours of wrapping up her gig in Austria.

Some tabloids have pointed out that Leonardo DiCaprio was also in Ibiza this past weekend, and they're hinting that Linds was chasing after Leo.

Maybe we're giving her too much credit, but we think she's realistic enough to know that's never gonna happen, even if Leo has packed on the pounds recently.

No word on how Lindsay's constant partying is affecting her role in Speed The Plow, with the play's London premiere date just weeks away.

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