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We already know that The Fault in Our Stars will leave you crying.

But will the movie, based on a beloved best-seller by John Green, leave you standing and cheering by the time the final credits roll?

YES, according to a number of film critics. The Fault in Our Stars reviews are in and they are almost entirely positive.

Watch the most-Liked trailer ever again and then see what these critics have to say…

The Fault in Our Stars Trailer

The honest, human performances from stars Ansel Elgort and especially Shailene Woodley keep it grounded, even when things start to wander or threaten to get too precious. – Tom Long

What leavens the heaviness of the theme is the heroine’s wry wit, which Ms. Woodley deploys just as naturally. – Joe Morgenstern


Smarter, sharper and deeper than most movies targeted at teens–and much more than just a story about kids with cancer. – Neil Pond

A smart and authentic adaptation that never loses focus of its characters in its depiction of a potent tragic love story. – John Hanlon

The Fault in Our Stars is dignified and genuinely moving, a winsomely three-dimensional romance set against an unavoidably fatalistic backdrop. – Dustin Putman

You will laugh. You will cry. You will be surprised that a movie this manipulative is the best teenage love story so far this year. – Daniel M. Kimmel

Woodley and Elgort’s performances are pitch perfect and the chemistry between them, warts and all, is spot on. – Jim Judy