The Fault in Our Stars Trailer: Most Liked Ever!

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This just in: People are REALLY excited for The Fault in Our Stars.

The trailer for this film - which opens on June 6 and which is based on a best-selling novel - has now been Liked on YouTube more than any trailer in the history of that website.

Viewed over 17 million times, The Fault in Our Stars trailer has received 272,320 Likes, surpassing a mark previously held by the preview for One Direction: This Is Us.

The Fault in Our Stars chronicles the relationship between Hazel Grace Lancaster (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort), two teenage cancer survivors.

It will make you cry. No matter how much you like it.

Elsewhere, controversy actually arose in December when the public got its first look at the The Fault in Our Stars poster.

Considering this is a movie about cancer, some took issue with the tagline "One Sick Love Story."

But author John Green defended this phrase, saying of the poster:

"I like the tagline because it says, literally, the sick can also have love stories. Love and joy and romance are not just things reserved for the well."

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