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The Jenner sisters are everywhere these days:

Kendall and Kylie’s Instagram pages are endless sources of age-inapproproate photos, their business ventures and relationships make international news, and the tenth (!) season of their reality series Keeping Up with Kardashians premieres on E! this Sunday.

But if you’re one of the millions of Americans who can’t get enough of KJ and KJ (don’t be ashamed) then check out the gallery below for a list of the Kendall and Kylie’s best moments captured in GIF form:

When you think about it, the GIF is the perfect medium for these two: they can pose, twerk, and fuss with their hair without ever having to say anything (we already know words aren’t Kendall’s strong suit).

The Jenner sisters are growing up (incredibly quickly) right before out eyes: Kendall and Kylie have written a novel (seriously), Kendall just bought her first apartment (for a cool $1.4 mill), and while not yet out of their teens, they’re already worldwide celebs who are using their famous last names to help close big-time business deals.

Kendall is the new face of TopShop, a major modeling coup that’s netted her an undisclosed sum (Must have been a lot if she could afford that apartment!), and Kylie clearly has every intention of following her sister’s footsteps down the catwalk (girl lives for selfies).

So jump into the gallery above to relive Kendall and Kylie’s transformation from awkward tweens to one-woman empires.

But don’t worry, as big as they get, we’re sure these two will always make time for the occasional twerk session:

Kendall Jenner Twerks!