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Shailene Woodley’s Jennifer Lawrence comments may be getting the most headlines these days, but it’s a different kind of drama that could soon make Shailene a box office legend.

Movie ticket sales site Fandango says that Woodley’s upcoming film The Fault In Our Stars has posted bigger pre-release sales numbers than any romantic drama in the site’s 14-year history.

The Fault in Our Stars Trailer

The highly-anticipated movie has officially beat the 2011 release "The Vow" which went on to gross a whopping $41 million dollars in its opening weekend.

Fault’s pre-sale numbers are just about unprecedented for a summer release that’s not an action movie or a sequel.


The early buzz for the low-budget film is thanks mainly to the success of the young adult novel upon which it’s based. 

Fault, of course, has not outstripped other films that may be considered "romantic dramas" such as the The Twilight franchise, but Fandango does not include genre fare in the same category.

Since Woodley hates the Twilight films, it’s probably good that  they’re not in direct competition.