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Justin Bieber swagged all over Cannes during the city’s star-studded film festival last month, but there was at least one A-lister who had zero interest in JB’s shirtless shenanigans.

A source tells Star magazine that Justin attempted a meet-and-greet with Leonardo DiCaprio only to be brutally rebuffed.

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"Justin was strutting his stuff all over the club, walking around shirtless and scoping out chicks," says the witness. "But when he heard Leo was there, he had his bodyguard muscle a path to where Leo was sitting."

"Justin was nodding and smiling in Leo’s direction, but Leo shook his head no and waved him off."

Getting shot down by the King of the World has gotta sting, but, Bieber also hooked up with Adriana Lima while he was in Cannes, and we’d say that’s a pretty solid consolation prize.


Of course, this isn’t the first time that Leo has publicly dissed unworthy tabloid fodder in the past few weeks.

At a recent party in LA DiCaprio snubbed the Kardashians by refusing to enter the building until he received word that they were done filming their reality show.

And that, folks, is why Leo is able to play a rich douche in movie after movie and still remain one of the world’s most beloved actors.