Labrador Retriever Reacts to Last-Second World Cup Tie: GOOOOOAL!

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It's official, and officially adorable: dogs love soccer!

Over the past several days, we've posted one video of a dog playing striker and goalie, along with another of a canine excitingly watching the World Cup.

Now, THG presents a Labrador Retriever who totally riveted by Sunday's Portugal-United States match, one that ended in disaster for the Americans when their opponent tied the score at 2 in the waning seconds.

But perhaps watching this dog's reaction to that stunning goal will make anyone associated with the U.S. feel a bit better:

Seriously, can ESPN just include a box in the corner of its screen of this dog watching every World Cup game going forward?

Would that not make soccer A LOT more interesting?!?

This pet, meanwhile, is not the only one who likes to kick back and watch some television. To wit:

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