9 Dogs Who Really Love to Watch TV

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Can you give these dogs a moment please? They just need to finish watching their favorite TV show.

1. Controlling the Remote

Controlling the Remote
It's been a long day. Just let me unwind for a few minutes before I start dinner, okay?

2. In Need of a Boost

In Need of a Boost
Can I get a boost please? I can't see this shirtless guitar player very well!

3. Standing at Attention

Standing at Attention
Hey! You aren't the only animal who can stand on two feet! See!

4. Unexpected Baseball Fan

Unexpected Baseball Fan
It is high... it is far... it is gone! I think they're gonna win!

5. Taken by TV

Taken by TV
Good luck getting this dog's attention. He seems rather taken by another dog on television.

6. Acting as Judges

Acting as Judges
Forget human judges. Can we institute canine judges for these dog shows?

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