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Selena Gomez is totally back together with Justin Bieber … and back in a bikini for her latest Instagram photo inviting widespread ogling and celebrity gossip attention.

Hey, it clearly works. Consider us hooked, lined and sinkered.

One day after hitting the zoo on a date with her on-again beau, Gomez posted this sultry pic, rocking double braids, round sunglasses and a strapless bikini.

Is it hot in here or is it just us? (The A/C is out, so …)

Selena captioned her selfie, “Soy valiante,” which translates to “I am brave” in Spanish. Certainly brave to take on Bieliebers and their Ignore Justin Project.

Whatever his fans think, or her family thinks, the two are definitely getting hot and heavy lately, doing dinner, a movie and likely each other last weekend.


Selena and Justin showed major PDA in public, even holding hands in front of moviegoers, showing that they are more head over heels than ever before.

Or at least more than any point previously in 2014.

“Selena made Justin promise that they won’t hide their relationship and that instead, they’ll go out together as much as possible,” says a Jelena insider.

“Selena thinks this will change Justin and also make [haters] change their tune. They’ll show each other how much they love each other to the world.”

She’ll also show off her body early and often on Instagram, as she’s proven, and no one in their right mind is going to criticize that choice. No one.