Ben Flajnik on Courtney Robertson Memoir: A Sad New Low!

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Suffice it to say Ben Flajnik won't be reading Courtney Robertson's new memoir, I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain.

The controversial Bachelor winner definitely didn't hold back in the book, which details her adventures (and sexual dalliances) with Flajnik in all their glory.

Ben, who was engaged to her for about a year, said, "I don't see why she would choose to have people look at her the way she has portrayed herself."

"It's sad. A new low, even for Courtney."

Courtney Robertson, Benjamin Flajnik

Even for Courtney. Ouch. Talk about throwing shade! Flajnik continues, "I am in a really great place in life and don't have any interest in reliving the nightmare."

Since Ben refers to their relationship as a "nightmare," obviously they didn't stay friends after they broke up. But it wasn't always so terrible between them.

As she details in the book, the two boned in the ocean and then completed the reverse cowgirl successfully, sans protection, in the Fantasy Suite.

No wonder she beat popular runner-up Lindzi Cox.

Despite the fact that no one liked her, Robertson used her good looks and (apparent?) charm to win Ben's season of the ABC reality show institution.

Zero fans believed it would last, and it did not.

True to her notorious villain status, Courtney also mentioned that Ben loves Justin Bieber way more than a grown ass man should and many more details.

She called him out on sub-par bedroom performances and by and large made herself look terrible ... but she didn't come here to make friends, remember!

Just #WIN baby.

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