Andrew Stern, Husband of Katie Cleary, Commits Suicide in Wake of Photo Scandal

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Katie Cleary, who became famous as one of the models on Deal Or No Deal, was recently spotted in Cannes with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Adrian Grenier.

The one person absent in the pictures of her party hopping in the South of France was her husband, who according to reports, committed suicide last weekend.

In the wake of the questionable snapshots surfacing in the press, Andrew Stern, 40, shot himself on Sunday at a shooting range in the San Fernando Valley.

Reports indicate the businessman and his wife, who has appeared in bit roles on Entourage and Chuck, were having marital issues and headed toward divorce.

That may have contributed to his stress, although sources report that he was reportedly also struggling financially and suffered from a history of depression.

The 32-year-old model issued a statement in the aftermath of the tragedy.

"On Sunday, June 22, Andrew Stern, husband of Katie Cleary, committed suicide at a shooting range in the San Fernando Valley," the statement said.

"Andrew and Katie have been in the midst of a very amicable separation and had remained on excellent terms. This is devastating news for us.

"We have been aware of Andrew's longtime struggle with depression."

Cleary, who was also a contestant on America's Next Top Model, denies that her partying had anything to do with what happened to her husband.

Her rep says that regarding the Cannes pics, "any rumors of any kind of extra-marital relationship are entirely fabricated and completely false."

Cleary's interaction with DiCaprio, the rep adds, "was fully for the purpose of potential collaboration for environmental and animal welfare issues."

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