Celebrities We Lost in 2014

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A look back at the celebrities who passed away in 2014. They will never be forgotten.

1. Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman
R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014). He will forever be missed!

2. Robin Williams

Robin Williams
Robin Williams has tragically died. The actor committed suicide at the age of 63.

3. Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers
R.I.P. Joan Rivers (1933-2014). She will never be forgotten.

4. James Avery

James Avery
James Avery has passed away. The beloved star of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was 65.

5. Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger
Pete Seeger has passed away. The late singer and activist was 94.

6. Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple
Shirley Temple was a childhood star in the 1930s. She passed away at the age of 85.

7. Phil Everly

Phil Everly
A photo of the late Phil Everly. He passed away in early 2014.

8. Anna Gordy Gaye

Anna Gordy Gaye
Anna Gordy Gaye passed away in early 2014. She was the sister of Berry Gordy and the wife of Marvin Gaye.

9. Eric Lawson

Eric Lawson stars here as The Marloboro Man. He died from lung cancer at the age of 72.

10. Roy Garber

Roy Garber
Roy Garber passed away in January 2014. He was a star on Shipping Wars.

11. Cassandra Lynn Hensley

Cassandra Lynn Hensley
Rest in peace, Cassandra Lynn Hensley. The Playboy Playmate was found dead in January 2014.

12. Darryl Robinson

Darryl Robinson
Darryl Robinson of Cooking Channel fame has died. He was just 50.

13. Sid Caesar

Sid Caesar
Sid Caesar has died. He was 91 years old and will be missed.

14. Ralph Waite

Ralph Waite
Ralph Waite is seen here on NCIS. The actor died at the age of 86.

15. John Henson

John Henson
Rest in peace, John Henson. This member of The Muppets family died in early 2014.

17. Jamie Coots

Jamie Coots
Jamie Coots has died from a snake bite. The reality star appeared on the series Snake Salvation.

18. Michele Savoia

Michele Savoia
Michele Savoia, a famed Broadway costume designer, has passed away at the age of 55.

19. Bob Casale

Bob Casale
Bob Casale, second from right, was the guitarist for the '80s band Devo, best known for the hit song "Whip It." R.I.P.

21. Jim Lange

Jim Lange
Jim Lange has passed away. The Dating Game host was 81.

22. Tim Wilson

Comedian Tim Wilson, who incorporated NASCAR into his routines, has died. R.I.P.

23. Elizabeth Pena

Elizabeth Pena
Elizabeth Pena has died at the age of 55. Rest in peace.

24. Diem Brown

Diem Brown
Diem Brown has passed away. We will never forget her.

25. Sheila MacRae

Sheila MacRae
Sheila MacRae, best known as Alice from The Honeymooners, died in March 2014 at the age of 92.

26. Cynthia Lynn

Cynthia Lynn
Cynthia Lynn has died. The Hogan's Heroes star was 76.

27. Bob Thomas

Bob Thomas
Veteran journalist Bob Thomas has passed away at the age of 92. R.I.P.

28. Wesley Warren

Wesley Warren, The Man with the 132-Pound Scrotum, died in March 2014 of a non-scrotum related injury.

29. David Brenner

David Brenner
David Brenner has died. The fixture on The Tonight Show was 78.

31. Scott Asheton

Scott Asheton
Scott Asheton of The Stooges has died. The drummer was 64.

32. James Rebhorn

James Rebhorn
James Rebhorn enjoyed a long, impressive acting career. He died at the age of 65.

33. Kate O'Mara

Kate O'Mara
Kate O'Mara of Dynasty fame has died at the age of 74. R.I.P.

34. Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem
Casey Kasem passed away after battling Parkinson's Disease and dementia. He was 82.

35. Frankie Knuckles

Frankie Knuckles
Frankie Knuckles, acclaimed DJ and house music mastermind, died March 31 at age 59.

36. Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney
Mickey Rooney passed away at the age of 93. He lost a battle with an undisclosed illness.

37. Peaches Geldof

Peaches Geldof
Peaches Geldof was only 25.

38. The Ultimate Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior
Days after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, The Ultimate Warrior died at the age of 54.

39. Jack Bruce

Jack Bruce
R.I.P. Jack Bruce. Music will never be the same with the Cream bass player no longer in this world!

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