Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 3 Recap: I Confess!

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Death, death and more death.

It's safe to say Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 3 wasn't the most uplifting installment of this ABC Family hit.

First, we had Alison dealing with the death of her mother… by wearing the same dress to her mom’s funeral that her mom wore to Ali’s funeral back when everyone assumed she was dead. Creepy!

Hanna was later mistaken for Ali at the funeral home, which led this former fat student to reflect on how much she’s changed since her friend went missing.

“I never knew who the hell I was,” Hanna told Emily, after a kinda homoerotic (and useless) flashback of Hanna holding hands with Mona at school.

(First questions from the episode: Who was Mona chatting with at the salon while Hanna was getting a makeover? Not Alison... right?)

Then there’s the new girl on the Rosewood swim team. Do we really trust her? She either wants Emily… or wants to be Emily. Shut up about her height already!

"You deserve the best of everything,” Emily proceeded to tell a teary-eyed Paige, to which the latter replied, “That’s what I had." Anyone got any tissues?

After some investigative work, Hanna and Emily determined that Jason was nowhere near his house when Mrs. DiLaurentis was murdered

So, who DID do the evil deed? According to Jason, it had to be Mr. Hastings, as the former told Spencer to “get out while you still can."

Papa Hastings didn’t exactly help his case when he picked up Alison in the middle of the night, nor did he seem at all convincing when Spencer confronted him about Mrs. D’s unsent e-mail.

Good thing for Mr. Hastings that Melissa once again butted in and told Spencer to stop asking questions.

Finally, Ezra returned to Rosewood, scruff and all. Both Ali and Aria stopped by his apartment, with Aria not being able to hold it in any longer: she admitted to killing Shana.

And Ezra said he would "help?" Meaning what, exactly? Also: did Spencer’s dad killed Alison’s mother? Are you hoping for a Paige-Emily reunion?

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