Chris Brown: Pissed at Karrueche Tran For Partying! Liking Rihanna Instagram Pics in Retaliation!

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Chris Brown has reportedly been trying to steer of the club scene ever since he was released from jail on June 2, which is both surprising and admirable.

Less so? Him getting "annoyed" and borderline possessive when girlfriend Karrueche Tran went out to a West Hollywood nightclub without him last night.

According to insiders, he was so worried about Karrueche’s whereabouts Monday that he “kept checking up on her” while she was out at the gay hotspot.

Then he got so worked up that he liked a photo on Rihanna's Instagram and got busted. Because that's obviously a thing no one would notice online.

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“Chris was annoyed that she was out," says a nightclub insider.

"Kae was in a good mood but spent a majority of the time responding to A LOT of his texts. She stepped out to take a call ... but when she went back inside, she shut off her phone."

"That way she could really enjoy the rest of the night," the source adds, noting, "it just seemed like [Chris Brown] kept checking up on her, very obsessively.”

Ouch. Sounds like she had a good time after that though ...

“Kae was drinking and dancing and having a great time. She and Christina [Milian] had a blast,” our source reveals. “They were at a table with bottle service.”

Nothing beats bottle service. Except Instagram trolling.

Chris was likely feeling a little insecure about Karrueche being out and about without him, and was caught red-handed liking an Instagram pic of his ex.

That's right, Chris Brown sits at home lonely and bored and looks at his former significant other's Instagram feed just like you do. It's almost endearing.

He later deleted the like after his fans accused him of being unfaithful to Karrueche ... who has yet to post any passive-aggressive responses online.

Give it time, THGers. Just give it time.

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