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Before Kaley Cuoco married Ryan Sweeting, the actress says she warned her husband-to-be that she has several other loves in her life: her three rescue pit bulls.

Her affection for her dogs led Kaley to respond on Twitter yesterday to a Time magazine article detailing the scars and and injuries suffered by a 3-year-old girl following a horrific pit bull attack:

“Many of u asked if I read the Time magazine article about ‘killer pit bulls,'” Cuoco tweeted. “I just did. I have to take a Twitter break. I can’t stomach this anymore.”

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook in 2018
(Getty Images)

The Time article stemmed from an incident in Jackson, MS, in which a woman was asked to escort her granddaughter from a KFC restaurant, as the young girl’s facial scarring and eye patch were bothering the other patrons.


The article cited some alarming statistics about the breed, including the facts that pit bulls account for 68 percent of all dog attacks and 52 percent of all dog-related deaths.

Kaley has yet to refute the specific claims made by Time, but speaking about pit bulls during a recent appearance on Ellen, Cuoco remarked, “I love them. They’re the greatest dogs in the world.”

Kaley spoke about her desire to have children recently, but has not stated whether she plans to continue to raise pit bulls in her home once she has a baby.