Chantel Jeffries: Clubbing with Johnny Manziel!

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Based on the following photo, Johnny Football may be throwing spirals through the goal posts of Chantel Jeffries... if you know what we mean!

The Cleveland Browns first round draft pick and former Heisman Trophy winner was spotted partying in Houston over the weekend with Chantel Jeffries, the same Chantel Jeffries who was seated alongside Justin Bieber when the singer was pulled over for drunk driving in January.

And who was then linked romantically to the singer for a few weeks.

Johnny Manziel and Chantel Jeffries

Jeffries has also dated Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

If she's now receiving curl patterns (YEAH!) or button hooks (OOOHHH YEAH!) from Johnny Manziel, this has to be considered an upgrade over Bieber.

Both he and Justin show a commitment to partying and to trolling their haters, but Manziel's career is just getting started.

Bieber, conversely, seemed intent on destroying whatever good will he's built up over the years by acting like a general jackass. He's also back together with Selena Gomez.

You never really had his heart, Chantel. You made the right choice.

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