Chris Brown: I'm NEVER Going Back to Jail!

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Troubled singer Chris Brown is out of jail and was reportedly so shaken by the experience there that he's desperate to clean up his life so he never has to go back.

A noble pursuit, but is it one he can achieve?

Like Lindsay Lohan, although hopefully more seriously and with more willpower, Brown is vowing to stay away from bad influences, be they drugs or people.

Especially those connected to gangs.

NOTE: When you have to cut gangs out of your life, or you tell people in rehab that you are good at using guns and knives, this is a big warning sign.

Chris Brown seems to be blaming at least part of his issues that landed him in the slammer for the past three months on the people he associates with.

Which is a little ridiculous, since he was jailed for violating probation (for beating Rihanna) after he allegedly clocked some dude in D.C. and got arrested.

Hard to blame others for that, but he also acknowledges his problems with violence, admitting those were his doing and that only he can turn it around. 

Doctors believe his erratic behavior was largely the result of bipolar disorder and PTSD, and that he is doing a lot better now that he's on medication.

Brown says his singular focus now is music (and Karrueche Tran) and he has privately told his label he will not screw up again. You buying it?

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