Tori Spelling: Punishing Dean McDermott With Solo Parenting Duty!

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As depicted on Tuesday's episode of the Lifetime train wreck that is True Tori, Tori Spelling was hospitalized recently with a migraine for six days.

While she received treatment, cheating husband Dean McDermott was thus left to care for their four kids with no help, but that was not by accident:

Tori Spelling told the nannies to peace out!

Viewers saw McDermott complaining about how hard it was to take care of four children by himself - which, by all accounts, he did a decent job with.

However, sources say that Dean was forced to take care of them solo at his bitter wife's direction as part of his punishment for nailing Emily Goodhand.

"They employ two nannies, one part-time, who takes Liam and Stella to school, picks them up, and helps with homework,” an inside source told Radar.

“The other nanny is full time and helps Tori at home with the younger children, Hattie and Finn. It's so typical of Tori to do, and extremely passive aggressive."

"She also told the crew filming to not help Dean at all, as they have done when Tori is home. As soon as Tori came home, the nannies reappeared."

“Once again it’s all about Tori being the victim, and not accepting any responsibility for her role in the breakdown of the marriage," says the insider.

"Yes, Dean cheated, but they have had serious problems for years now.”

Although McDermott wanted to go with Spelling to the hospital during her visit last month, “she wasn’t going to allow it. Tori demanded that he take care of the kids."

"There is absolutely no reason why Dean couldn’t have gone ... the fact they have four innocent kids that they are exposing to all of this with cameras is just selfish and disgusting.”

"He very much wanted to [go with her], and the fact that a producer was calling to give him updates speaks volumes about the status of their relationship."

“The two of them are extremely messed up, and have tons of insecurities."

Know what else is messed up? Dean faking a suicide attempt for ratings!

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