Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott: Sex Life Might Be Weirder Than We Thought!

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Thanks to their totally TMI reality show True Tori, we know that sex between Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling was less than satisfying for both parties.

But we now know that it certainly didn't for lack of experimentation:

While this week's couples therapy session was overshadowed by Tori being hospitalized, a closer look at the conversation between Spelling and McDermott reveals some pretty surprising secrets about the troubled couple's sex life. 

In addition to Dean's weird claim that he cheated because he was overweight, there are some very strange and surprising moments in the above scene.

First, it turns that when Dean said he cheated with Emily Goodhand because he and Tori hadn't had sex in a while, he actually just meant that they didn't have sex the very night before he left. 

Second, though she doesn't go into great detail - Tori tells us more than she likely meant to when she says, "Two weekends in a row, we did things that I had never done before."

"You wanted it," Tori adds. "You kept wanting to raise the bar."

Dean abruptly puts a stop to the sex talk before we get to find out what kind of new stuff the couple was up to, but clever viewers have begun to put the pieces together.

Pieces that reveal a very - let's say "open-minded" - picture of Tori and Dean's sex life.

Many initially assumed that Tori was talking about anal sex when she referred to "things [she] had never done before."

But she also says they made trips to a local sex shop. Anal sex probably wouldn't require much additional equipment - unless she wasn't on the receiving end.

Yes, it's beginning to make more sense why Dean prevented Tori from going into greater detail about their bedroom shenanigans.

He might be okay with being branded a cheater and a terrible husband and father, but he's not about to admit to, um... "playing catcher" on national television.

These two have bigger things to worry about in any case. If you haven't seen their insane fight from this week's episode, see below (and make yourself uncomfortable):

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