Dean McDermott: Tori Spelling Sex "Not Fantastic"

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In the first trailer for Tru Tori, Tori Spelling lamented that she can never give husband Dean McDermott enough sex.

But that's okay, Dean might reply. Sex with you wasn't all that great anyhow!

In a new clip from this totally ridiculous reality show, McDermott goes off in a joint therapy session about his lovemaking life with his estranged wife.

"We would have sex once every two weeks. It wasn’t fantastic," McDermott says, later telling Spelling and the therapist that he's "insatiable."

As you might expect, the comment doesn't sit well with Spelling.

It led to a conversation about why McDermott cheated and to the therapist telling McDermott that his expectations for a married couple’s sex life are “like a fairy tale."

Will this marriage make it? And, just as importantly, why would anyone possibly care?

Tru Tori premieres tonight on Lifetime, with Spelling recently blogging that she's doing the show to "set the record straight" and to get her "voice back."

We're somehow guessing the paycheck didn't hurt, either.

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