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We all know that you shouldn’t text and drive, but most of us still do it anyway … sometimes. Most of us try to exercise some caution and do so judiciously, though.

These girls are not most people.

While taking a selfie of themselves singing karaoke, the two Iranian citizens promptly WRECKED their car … then shared it anyway, because OMG! LOL!

Girls Film Selves Singing in Car, Crash

No word if Iran has anti-texting and driving laws, though its punishment for singing karaoke or women having any sort of fun could be far worse anyway.

Just kidding. Not really.

In any event, let this be a cautionary tale as you watch them looking away from the road and into the camera, as the driver takes her hands off the wheel.

There’s only one way this could’ve gone, and it’s not good. If you don’t have the patience to watch a 15 second video, here’s the moment of impact in GIF form:


According to The Daily Mail, the ladies were admitted to the hospital, and that is where they uploaded the video. Physically, they are said to be recovering nicely.

Mentally? They need work.

Considering they uploaded a video of a car crash they caused because they were taking a selfie, instead of being too ashamed or embarrassed to do so?

Just saying, ladies. WTF.

Oh, and they followed it up with a second selfie, this time from the hospital. Because ROFL! What a hilarious end to a totally funny, not at all dangerous story.