The Bachelorette: 9 Reasons Why Andi Dorfman Will Deliver the Best Season EVER

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The Bachelorette returns for a 10th season Monday, and when it does, Andi Dorfman is poised deliver the best season yet for The Bachelor summer spinoff.

We're not basing that on The Bachelorette spoilers (though you can read those to learn the outcome and many other details), but on many unique factors.

If you're a fan of the franchise, you won't be disappointed. Here's why this is shaping up to be the BEST Bachelorette season of all time. OF ALL TIME!

  • Andi Dorfman is not only alarmingly pretty, but whip-smart, sassy and not afraid to show some backbone when looking out for numer one - herself.
  • This means she'll actually call the shots, as opposed Desiree Hartsock or Ashley Hebert, who at times were waiting to get picked, not the reverse.
  • Juan Pablo Galavis. The Bachelor star who Andi took to task this winter will continue to be a target, at least in the early going, which will be quite entertaining.
  • 4 percent body fat. Seriously, that must be in the contract these dudes sign to be on the show. And mandatory shirtless scenes every single week.
  • The inevitable lawyer theme. The law school grad and Assistant D.A. gives ABC a ton of new material to spoof with dates, montages and bad jokes.
  • Drama. No one will accuse Andi Dorfman of being a drama queen, per se, but there will be indecision, insecurity and internal turmoil. Always are.
  • Bromances and douchebags. It's always cute when the dudes get along ... and when they rally against the one guy they just can't tolerate.
  • The in-jokes. With each passing season, the franchise seems to become more self-aware and proficient at poking fun at its own ridiculousness.
  • Happily ever after. With Andi, we don't see a pick that she's not certain is going to work out. Look for an engagement and love that's built to last.

Who does she pick? Scroll through the potential candidates below, and follow the above link for The Bachelorette spoilers if you want the end result ...

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