Drake Bell on Justin Bieber Shenanigans: Will They Ever End?!?

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This may have been a tough week for Justin Bieber.

But it was a terrific week for Drake Bell.

With Bieber being accused of attempted cell phone robbery and also being caught on camera calling a woman a bitch, Bell is enjoying another chance to trash talk his rival.

He screen-grabbed an article about Justin yesterday (below) and included with it a caption that reads:

"When will it end??!! Are we really STILL putting up with this?!"

Bell Tweet
Bieber Hater

Bell has never been shy when it comes to bashing Bieber.

He has referred to the artist as a  "little shit" in the past and to his fans as "insane."

Bell also signed a petition to deport Bieber to Canada. The effort was unsuccessful.

Here's a look, meanwhile, at what some other stars have said lately about Justin Bieber:

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