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Despite some very public relationship difficulties as of late, Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels have officially reconciled and some are speculating that the couple are engaged or possibly even married.

The photo above shows Nicki and Safaree on a recent vacation in Cabo San Lucas. The couple have supposedly been wearing matching rings on that finger ever since. 

Of course, the fact that Safaree is rocking a ring too doesn’t mean that he and Nicki have already gotten hitched, as male engagement rings are all the rage in Hollywood these days.

Nicki and Safaree were were rumored to be broken up recently after Nicki captioned an Instagram pic with “SINGLE N READY TO MINGLE,” while Safaree posted, “Trust nobody” shortly thereafter.

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But a has source confirmed to TMZ today that Nicki and Safaree are back together.

Good thing, as Safaree has at least three Nicki-related tattoos. That’s commitment!

Nicki has yet to confirm that the ring she’s been sporting means what we think it means, but we wouldn’t be surprised to hear an engagement announcement from Ms. Minaj in the near future.

We just hope she keeps her glorious last name and doesn’t stop posting those famous Nicki Minaj cleavage selfies: