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Charlie Sheen usually doesn’t keep many secrets from the world, but if his Twitter account is any indication, it seems the tiger-blood swilling warlock from Mars may have quietly married his porn star girlfriend, Brett Rossi.

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Yes, that’s Charlie sporting a wedding band in a pic he tweeted recently. Further fueling the speculation is the fact Rossi has taken to referring to the Sheenius as "hubby" in her own tweets.

If the rumors are true, this would be marriage number 4 and porn star number 4,000 for Charlie. It would also signal the start of some major lifestyle changes as Brett has reportedly announced her intentions to put a stop to Sheen’s "winning" ways.

In this case, that means no more porn stars, partying or rage-fueled online rants. Say it ain’t so!

Of course there’s another theory as to why Charlie is wearing a ring on his commitment finger these days, and it makes perfect sense, given his promiscuous past:


Apparently there’s a trend in Hollywood at the moment involving unmarried men wearing wedding rings to send a message to the women of the world that they’re off limits.

Johnny Depp has even been spotted wearing one of these "management rings" as a sign that he’s taken by Amber Heard.

By now, Brett Rossi certainly knows what kind of guy she’s dealing with and symbolically putting a leash on Charlie in the months leading up to their wedding might be a smart move on her part.

In case you needed a reminder of what this guy is capable of: