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Nicki Minaj was apparently kept waiting in a makeup chair yesterday and she passed the time the same way any of us would: by busting out her phone and taking pictures of her own breasts from different angles.

We don’t know if she was trying to figure out if her phone had 3D capabilities or what, but Nicki seriously tried every angle in the book and gave new meaning to the term super close-up.

Nicki has had good luck with iPhone photos in the past: her naked shower selfies from earlier this year probably received more attention from the Internet than her music ever has.

Nicki may be trying to repeat that success with this latest round of pics, but she forgot about one important thing: clothes! You have to take them off if you really wanna go viral.  

That’s not to say these photos aren’t revealing. Nicki couldn’t get the camera any closer to her boobs without sticking it in between.

But in this post-Kim Kardashian sex tape age that we live in, expecting people to share your cleavage pics online is like showing up to the Playboy mansion in a trench coat and wondering why you’re not getting hit on.

Granted, unlike Kim, Nicki actually has talent and a career that’s not based on homemade porn, but still – if you’re gonna go to the trouble of taking this many pics, you may as well lose the sweater.