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Uh-oh. Like the rest of the known world, we here at THG are big fans of Jennifer Lawrence’s acting as well as her charming public persona.

Unfortunately, the Mockingjay actress dropped the ball in a major way during a recent event at the Cannes Film Festival.

An article for Vulture features several anecdotes from a reporter who hung out with Lawrence at the Vanity Fair Cannes party. She shared her hiccup cure, met Justin Bieber…and then made an unfortunate comment that’s now creating controversy.

Jennifer Lawrence at Her Final X-Men Premiere

Upon encountering Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuaron, J-Law reportedly squealed with delight before telling the filmmaker “I broke out my rape scream for you.”

Jennifer, of course, didn’t intend for the comment to go public, but she’s been in Hollywood long enough at this point that she should know nothing she says (especially at an industry event) is ever really private. 


Fans have already expressed their displeasure at the joke on Twitter, but Lawrence has yet to respond or apologize.

Part of Jen’s appeal is that she seems to be honest and uncensored almost to a fault. Heck, the actress once happily shared a story in which she “got wasted” and puked in front of Miley Cyrus.

This time, however, Jen may have unintentionally shown fans a bit too much of her private side. Here’s hoping she does some damage control before there’s any permanent harm to her career.