Jennifer Lawrence "Got Wasted" at Oscars, Puked In Front of Miley Cyrus

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Jennifer Lawrence is usually credited with being mature beyond her years, tackling roles that would challenge far more experienced actresses, all while avoiding the excessive partying that spells disaster for so many young starlets.

There's a but coming ... sort of.

That's why we didn't believe Lindsay Lohan's claim that Jennifer Lawrence has sex for roles, but as J-Law confessed in a recent interview, a different tabloid mainstay totally has the dirt on her.

Jen sat down with Seth Meyers recently and revealed that she was so hammered after this year's Academy Awards ceremony that she lost her lunch in front of none other than Miley Cyrus, who reportedly told the actress to "get it together."

So maybe that's why she always falls at the Oscars. Maybe next year she'll barf on the red carpet and really go viral.

Anyway, props to Jen for being honest about her drunken misadventures. Not everyone would admit to Miley freakin' Cyrus telling them to sober up.

This story leads us to thinking: maybe Miley's whole crazy party girl thing is just an act. Maybe she really wasn't hospitalized for a drug overdose.

Nah, no one could come up with that tongue-wagging while sober. Hopefully, she and Jen will get together and go on a bender some time. That's a party we'd love to see.

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