Andi Dorfman Grilled on Jimmy Kimmel Live: Is The Bachelorette Engaged?!

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The Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night after the season premiere on ABC, and was promptly grilled about its outcome.

Either someone reads The Bachelorette spoilers, or her poker face was not particularly good on the premiere, because Jimmy's picks seemed on point ...

The beautiful 26-year-old attorney played coy when Kimmel repeatedly asked her if the season ended with an engagement, then tried to guess who wins.

After a "swearing in" ceremony, Jimmy tried his best to find out whether Andi Dorfman is engaged, and proceeded to bombard her with his own predictions.

Jimmy's "hunches" about who makes Andi's hometown dates:

  1. Nick Viall, who earned Andi’s first impression rose
  2. Chris Soules, the hunky farmer from Iowa, even though he won't win it all: “You like him, but no chance you’re moving to a farm in Iowa.”
  3. Marcus Grodd, another favorite from night one
  4. Josh Murray, his projected winner

Right or wrong, he succeeded at putting her in the hot seat!

One question she didn't dodge was who she wanted to give the boot first on the premiere. “The anal threw me off a little bit. I can’t believe they aired that,” she said.

That would be Emil, who introduced himself to Andi on the premiere by telling her how to pronounce his name: “It’s AY-mel. Like, ‘anal’ with an ‘m’” ... really.

Well, we know six guys who are out, and we tragically know that Eric Hill also does not win. Who do you think will take the final rose among her suitors?

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