Ann Taylor Loft Photoshop Fail: Model's Waist Vanishes, MS Paint Likely to Blame

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Stick to business and snazzy casual attire, Ann Taylor LOFT. Leave the swimsuit photoshop fail fodder to Target.

OH WAIT! Too late. 

This Ann Taylor LOFT Photoshop fail is a pretty egregious misuse of the photo editing software used to make everyone look like Barbie. See?

Ann Taylor LOFT Photoshop Fail

WHAT HAPPENED TO HER WAIST? Was the photoshop "artist" a third grader? Did they do this in MS Paint?

Her waist is so nipped in that it's a generous several inches smaller than her hips on the left side. That is NOT NORMAL!

And that weird half-lean, arm-drape pose isn't sexy at all. It actually makes the model look like she lacks confidence. Oh right, and she also lacks PART OF HER WAIST. 

What makes this story even more rich is LOFT's commitment to women and acting responsibly. From their "Responsibly, Ann" page:

Responsibly, Ann

See that part about "operating our business responsibly and thoughtfully" so that "our clients can look great and feel great about the clothes they wear"?

Yeah, Ann Taylor LOFT. You might want to start with NOT photoshopping your models to unrealistic and unattainable standards of "beauty."

Just a thought.

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