Cat Saves Boy From Dog: Video a Game-Changer For Dog-Cat Rivalry?

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Jeremy Triantafilo, 4, is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a dog who attacked and dragged him off of his bike, shaking his body across the driveway.

Fortunately, Hero Cat came to save the day, flying in from out of nowhere to slam the dog's body, causing it to release the boy before chasing the attacker off:

As this is happening, the little boy’s mom, Erika, comes to check on him; the boy, his mom and cat eventually make their way into the house for safety.

The super cat belongs to Jeremy’s family. Her name is Tara.

Thankfully, the little boy is safe and sound with just a few stitches in his leg; the dog belongs to a neighbor and is being monitored by Bakersfield Animal Control.

The dog, who escaped while his owner was opening a gate, and the cat whose daring rescue went viral have renewed a longstanding rivalry among animal lovers.

Critics frequently criticize cats as distant, selfish, clawing, emotionless creatures who lack any redeeming qualities, while dogs are "man's best friend."

This video would certainly seem to turn the tables on that rep.

Not surprisingly, because the Internet is made by/run by cats, Hero Cat has done more than save his young friend; he's become the poster cat for a species.

Also not surprisingly, dog defenders hit back with the valid point that most dogs simply don't act like that, and the animal may have suffered abuse itself.

Not to mention ... one awesome cat does not a species make.

Just the same, the clip has become a rallying cry and emboldened feline enthusiasts nationwide, as their four-legged friends' stock has never been higher.

How high is it really, though? Let's put it to a vote ...

Who do you like more, cats or dogs?!

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