Hero Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack; Feline Owners Claim Pet Bragging Rights

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Viral footage spreading across cyberspace today shows a brave cat rushing to rescue a young child from a vicious dog attack, and it's pretty dramatic.

Watch as the canine assailant brutally takes the little boy down from his tricycle, only to be chased off by the heroic feline racing in to save the day ...

The video, shot in Bakersfield, Calif., is titled simply "My cat saved my son," and was presumably captured by home security cameras by the kid's parents.

The victim received some nasty bites that needed stitches after being initially mauled by the dog, but is otherwise doing fine. All thanks to the family cat.

The clip itself is eye-popping on merit, but it's also notable for the strong reactions it has generated as just about every cat lover in America shares it on Facebook.

Any cat owner who's ever been told their beloved pets are distant, selfish, clawing, emotionless robots who treat people like staff and lack any admirable virtues?

Boy are they laughing right now!

In a sense, Hero Cat has become the poster child for all cats, aiding not only his young human companion but the good name of his entire species.

The question: Is Hero Cat ready for the backlash once dog lovers, blogs and Internet bullies begin digging into his record and trolling him on Twitter?

Only time will tell.

Hopefully the family has a good PR rep or attorney. Check out more crazy cat videos below, and vote in our survey: Who do you like more, cats or dogs?!

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