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Justin Bieber has responded to accusations that he tried to steal someone’s cell phone during a night of miniature golf this week.

With police investigating the claim that Bieber went off on a woman for snapping pictures of him, the singer posted a number of Tweets last night, indirectly replying to the charges with appeals to his hardships and humanity.

"It is hard to defend myself and my privacy every moment of the day," Justin begain. "Then to see rumors. The truth will set u free."

Justin Bieber: I Love People!

What is that truth? A witness does tell TMZ that Bieber, as alleged by the victim, never went into a female’s purse and tried to take phone.


"My mom raised me to be kind to others. I get judged, harassed, and I try to take the high road. Sometimes it isn’t easy. But we keep trying," Bieber Tweeted on Wednesday.

The artist, of course, has reportedly ran afoul of the law on multiple occasions over the past few months.

He was stopped for drunk driving in January and still may face felony charges for egging his neighbor’s house in Calabasas.

"I will continue to be the man my mother raised. I love people and I will try to be kind even when things are not fair. Don’t believe rumors," Bieber also wrote yesterday.

Justin Bieber Accused of Robbery

Patrick Carney, meanwhile, BLASTED Bieber recently for these exact kinds of Tweets. He thinks the star manipulates his fans and doesn’t take responsibility for his actions. He also thinks Bieber encourages his followers to act as bullies.

But the performer still thanked “those who stick by me and those that help me grow everyday,” in this Twitter barrage and concluded with:

"I’m human. I feel. I hurt. But I got thick skin too. I can handle it. I love you."

Justin Bieber Accused of Robbery