58 Crazy Cat Videos

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The Internet is made of cats. Therefore this slideshow was inevitable. Open it up and scroll through some of our favorite cat videos through the years.

1. Cat Licks Vacuum Cleaner, Holds it Like Bong

Check out this awesome video of a cat licking a vacuum cleaner, and holding it like a bong.

2. Cat Attacks Woman in Snow

You gotta see what happens when this woman kicks snow in a cat's face. It doesn't end well for her.

3. Cat and Owner Play Peekaboo

A cat and his owner play Peekaboo in this video. Could anything be cuter?

4. Cats Watch Tennis

Two cats take in a tennis match in this video. Trust us, it's beyond adorable.

5. Hero Cat Saves Boy, OWNS Dog

Watch in awe as a heroic cat saves this boy from a dog attack.

6. Cat Rides on Turtle

A cute video of a cat riding on a turtle. Need we say more?

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