Beyonce Shares Blue Ivy Photos Online, Adorably Wins the Internet!

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Beyonce has been on the receiving end of some horribly negative press lately.

First, there was the now-infamous Solange Knowles attack on Jay Z that left Bey in the awkward position of having to defend both her husband and her sister who attacked him.

Next came rumors that Beyonce is cheating on Jay Z with her bodyguard, Julius De Boer.

Fortunately, Queen Bey has been in the spotlight long enough that she knows how to deflect hate and distract fans from unflattering rumors. One tried-and-true method? Cute baby pictures!

Yes, Bey posted a slew of new photos of 2-year-old Blue Ivy Carter this week.

The pics not only confirm what we already know (Baby Blue is a cute kid), they also represent a brilliant PR strategy. After all how can you hate on the mom of this adorable little girl?

Highlights in the gallery above include: Blue Ivy trying on mom's heels, Blue strolling around the private tennis court, and Bey's blinged out "B hearts Blue" necklace.

You may feel a twinge of jealousy when you remember that this kid's monogrammed, high thread-count Egyptian cotton cloth diapers are worth more than you made this week, but Beyonce knows that Blue is cute enough to silence the haters.

Just wait until she drops her first album. Every review will be "A for awwwww."

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