Matt Bomer Teases Magic Mike Sequel, Strip-Off to the Death!

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Matt Bomer is set to get naked again.

The White Collar star stopped by Ellen today and touched on the Magic Mike sequel, which Channing Tatum has confirmed and which stars shooting in the near future.

What can Bomer reveal about the follow-up film?

"I think Channing announced recently that it's kind of a road trip film that leads to a stripper convention, which exists," Bomer said, laughing. "It's a real life thing, and only the best of the best make it.

"It's a strip-off to the death...I can imagine if you lock those doors, things get a little rowdy!"

At that, as you might imagine, the crowd went a little nuts.

As depicted in the footage above, Ellen then gifted Bomer with a couple of VERY revealing stripper outfits. Because Ellen rules.

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