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TMZ has released the full surveillance video of Solange Knowles’ attacking Jay Z in the elevator of the Standard Hotel in New York City.

As previously reported, the assault took place on the way to a MET Gala after-party on May 5.

Beyonce and Jay Z walked the red carpet of that event in good spirits, posing for photographers along the way and even faking a proposal after Beyonce dropped a ring.

But something clearly took place soon afterwards… something that led to Bey’s sister Solange Knowles brutally going after her brother-in-law:

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Punching him, kicking him and needing to be physically restrained by a bodyguard, Solange was irate at Hov for reasons unknown.

Watch the video above to see Solange even smack Jay Z with her purse at one point, spilling the contents all over the floor.

Following this surprising and chaotic incident, Beyonce and Solange exited the building and got into a separate car from Jay.


Later on, Beyonce posted a cryptic Tweet about God and relationships.

That’s great … but what the heck led to this outburst from Solange?

The singer does have a history of erratic behavior. She canceled her European tour last summer amid rumors of drug use. But that’s mere speculation at this point.

We’ll update this crazy story a more news breaks …