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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Benzino was kicked off a plane in Chicago after going off on an epic racist tirade, according to a new report and accompanying video.

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Days after the T.I. and Floyd Mayweather fight in Vegas, Benzino – who was partying with Floyd at the strip club early Sunday – nearly upstaged the boxer.

He unleashed the loudest torrent of f-bombs possibly ever.

Benzio calls a flight attendant "a racist motherf–ker and a "racist bastard," though it’s unclear why. Details surrounding the altercation are murky at best.

The video sort of says it all, in any case … just watch it.


Benzino, who was also recently shot by a family member, was asked to leave the plane during a layover in Chicago on his flight from Vegas back to Atlanta.

According to TMZ, the flight attendant questioned Benzino about his seat (it’s unclear how or why) and next thing you knew, Benzino was screaming.

What set him off? We will likely never know, THGers.

He left the plane without further incident (this was incident enough) and police were not called to the scene. No word if he got another flight home.