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TI and Floyd Mayweather got into a pretty amazing melee this weekend in Las Vegas, with the rapper beefing and actually taking swings at the legendary boxer.

What would set him off to the point where he’d attempt that act of lunacy? This:

According to reports, the Floyd Mayweather-T.I. fight stemmed from the fact that the rapper is pissed about the fighter possibly getting close to his wife Tiny.

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle wasn’t at the scene of the rumble, to our knowledge, but she was in Vegas, and hours before, she posted this picture on Instagram.

She is seen posing with Floyd’s daughter, calling the young girl her “new boo.”

T.I. was extremely upset about the photo, and others his spouse posted.

Feeling her pictures were inappropriate, he set out to confront Floyd in person about the situation that had made him feel so disrespected, and did he ever!

Take a look at the footage below if you missed it Sunday:

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T.I. didn’t necessarily go there looking to physically fight Floyd, but he lost it when he was told to “control your bitch” after stating his issue with him.

That’s when the two men started swinging outside Fatburger.

For his part, Mayweather insists he was not trying anything inappropriate with Cottle, and is telling friends he’s shocked the rapper tried to pick a fight.

He thought they were friends … apparently not reciprocated.

A Mayweather source says Money is not and does not want to be romantically involved with Tip’s wife and thinks it’s ridiculous for T.I. to get mad at him.

It was Tiny who wanted to hang out, he notes, and Floyd’s camp says his only motive in all of this was continuing his friendship with Mr. and Mrs. T.I.

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