Matty B: Notorious B.I.G. Cover Might Be The Worst Thing Ever

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Matty B is a young "rapper" who's been trying for years to become the next Justin Bieber by uploading his terrible music videos to YouTube.

Matty B's Taylor Swift covers have received tens of millions of views but most of those come from folks curious to see if an 11-year-old rapping to a Taylor Swift song is actually the whitest thing that ever took place. (We'll save you some time: it is.)

They said it couldn't be done, but it looks like Matty may have out-WTFed himself with his latest video in which he raps over the beat of the 1994 Notorious B.IG. classic "Juicy."

Yes, a middle school kid dancing around the suburbs and spittin' rhymes in the style of one of the hardest rappers that ever lived. This is the kind of thing YouTube was made for.

Matty doesn't let the fact that he appears to be on some sort of camping trip stop him from mimcking Biggie's tone and mannerisms and sadly, the little fella isn't trying to be funny when he looks into the camera and says, "It's all good baby, bay-baaaay." in his best Christopher Wallace voice.

Nor is he letting the fact that he clearly lives in a quiet rural community stop him from rockin' his dopest Brooklyn Nets gear and changing Big's lyrics just enough that they're not completely inappropriate coming from a pre-pubescent white kid.

We're not trying to discourage Matty from going after his dream. We'd just like to point out to him that copying other rapper's rhymes is considered a major faux pas in the hip-hop community and remind him that if he's serious about making a career of this, he might want to put pen to paper and pay someone to make him some original beats.

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