James Franco: Nude on Instagram (Again)!

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James Franco loves to take it off online. This is obvious.

Despite making headlines for hitting on an underage girl using Instagram this month, James is still leaving a racy mark on the Interwebs early and often.

Check out the actor's latest suggestive bedroom selfie:

Does he have pants on? Possibly. Does it matter? Not really.

Seemingly wearing nothing, Franco is seen in the above photo relaxing in the sheets, one hand on his phone and the other out of the frame, toward the bottom.

The caption: "WTF HAPPENED? I was waiting for you!!!!!"

What happened? Who was he waiting for? Mysterious!

Could he be seducing another teenager he just met? Or just masquerading as such, a bit of performance art as a means of making fun of his past actions?

Neither would surprise us at this point, honestly.

Keegan Allen, who spent some shirtless time in bed with Franco last week, or Seth Rogen, who James likes to envision nude while painting, could be candidates.

(Yes, he really paints Seth nude. See below.)

We're likely overanalyzing this selfie and playing right into the 36-year-old's hand. When it comes to James Franco, there are only two things you can predict:

  1. That he's always unpredictable.
  2. That we can't get enough ...

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