James Franco's Nude Seth Rogen Paintings Must Be Seen to be Believed

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James Franco probably still lists "actor" as his main profession when he's updating his own Wikipedia page, but these days Franco seems to focus most of his attention on side projects.

Whether he's writing poetry, teaching, lying in bed shirtless with Keegan Allen or hitting on teenage girls, James has a lot on his plate.

But clearly his favorite hobby remains obsessing over Seth Rogen's naked body.

First James and Seth filmed "Bound 3" together, a hilarious parody of a Kim and Kanye music video that heavily featured - you guessed it - a semi-nude Seth Rogen.

Now James has taken his interest in his BFF's man bits to a new level with a series of paintings portraying Rogen in various stages of undress.

Check out the gallery above if you're interested in seeing things that you'll never be able to remove from your brain.

Our favorite is "Seth at Play" in which Rogen, um...presents himself to the viewer in a position that's likely been featured in many a Franco fantasy.

Of course, like everything Franco is involved with there's a good deal of controversy surrounding these paintings and it's not due to the unseemly depiction of Rogen scrotum.

No, the problem stems from the fact that as the video in the gallery above clearly demonstrates, Franco copied these painting from another artist and, of course, offered him nothing in the way of credit or compensation.

Yes, Franco can't even perv out on his friends without getting involved in some sort of artsy feud.

Calling a theater critic a "little b!tch" seems downright normal by comparison.

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