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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Benzino weighed in on the Mimi Faust sex tape at an Atlanta party celebrating the release of his fiancee’s new single.

Benzino’s take on his co-star’s naked romp with Nikko Smith?

“Shout out to Mimi Faust,” said the recent shooting victim.

“To each to their own. Only God can judge.”

Prince Carter Photo

His new significant other, Althea “Thi Thi” Heart, echoed the same sentiment when asked about the tape featuring the reality stars, quipping:

“To each to his own. I hope she’s rich!”

While the Mimi sex tape will be a major storyline when fans watch Love & Hip Hop online this season (May 5), it won’t be the only one by any means.


In fact, Benzino made headlines in February by proposing to Althea, much to the disapproval of his now ex-girlfriend, fellow cast member Karlie Redd.

No sex tape featuring Benzino that we know of … but still.

He’s also sporting a big sling on his arm and is recovering from last month’s incident in which Benzino was shot by a family member and hospitalized.

Between his drama and the steamy sex tape by Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith, the third season of the VH1 hit is shaping up to be a ratings juggernaut.

And industrial-strength shower rod sales catalyst.

Prince Carter Photo
Prince Carter Photo