Hershey’s Chocolate Crucifix: In Good Taste?

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Yesterday marked 4/20 and Easter, making it one of those rare times where folks celebrated the rebirth of Jesus Christ and the relaxing effects of marijuana.

Thanks to Hershey's, though, one could actually combine these occasions, as that candy company actually came out with a chocolate crucifix.

How else can one honor Jesus while also satisfying one's craving for munchies?

A Chocolate Crucifix

According to the official Item Description on Walmart.com, Hershey's Solid Milk Chocolate Cross "is the perfect gift for Easter."

Seriously, why bother whipping up any Easter recipes when you can just unwrap this box and enjoy a treat that doesn't exploit Jesus allegedly dying for our sins in any way at all.

What do you think of the chocolate crucifix? It is...

For those looking to spend a little more time honoring Easter in a less sacrilegious manner...

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