Nikko Smith: Mimi Faust Sex Tape Partner NOT the American Idol Nikko Smith

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Former American Idol finalist Nikko Smith is not the Nikko Smith who co-stars in the Mimi Faust sex tape ... the singer just wants to clear this up.

The Nikko Smith that competed on Season 4 is not the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star. Not that he's upset or worried about the confusion, per se.

After all, the sex tape Nikko is hung like ... never mind.

Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith Picture
Nikko Smith (American Idol)

The American Idol Nikko Smith his phone has been blowing up with a TON of calls from friends and family who just heard about Mimi's shower rod.

Which must be awkward and kind of hilarious for him.

Vivid announced the sex tape April 14 in a release about Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta featuring VH1′s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Mimi Faust.

The Nikko Smith who is dating and putting it to Mimi is not the Osborne Earl Smith who competed on Idol, who says he's never met Mimi in his life.

Then again, “There could be worse things linked to my name. At least the guy didn’t murder someone,” he told TMZ regarding his sex tape namesake.

It's true. Mimi could be dating a guy named Aaron Hernandez.

Confusion aside, the Mimi Faust-Nikko Smith sex tape definitely came to shock to many when Vivid broke the news, but the company knew they wanted it.

“From the minute we heard about this tape, we wanted it,” Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch said in a release. “The authenticity of Mimi and Nikko’s relationship is obvious."

"There’s no mistaking their passion; it’s real.”

It’s real because they’re really dating, unlike Farrah Abraham and James Deen, despite how she tried to make it look during last spring's sex tape "leak."

As for their desire to film this sex tape together?

“If you ask me everyone’s an opportunist. Everyone in this world is an opportunist and if you’re not, then something may be wrong," Mimi said last year.

At the time Faust made that comment, she was referring to reports that Nikko Smith was using her for fame. Clearly that didn't bother her. She explained:

"I don’t think he was using me. He was trying to get what he was trying do at the forefront, and I don’t blame him. I would have done the same thing.”

Fortunately, they're in this together now. Check out more celebrities who are also amateur porn stars in the (sometimes NSFW) gallery below:

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