Paparazzo to Kanye West: See You in Court!

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Kanye West will not be seeing the inside of a jail cell any time soon.

But he'll likely see the inside of a courtroom.

The rapper pleaded no contest to battery charges filed against him in conjunction with an incident at LAX last July in which he got into it with a cameraman.

As a result, West will attend anger management classes and conduct some community service.

But TMZ says paparazzo Daniel Ramos plans to take Kanye to trial by filing a civil lawsuit against the star, the sort of situation that typically ends when a celebrity settles out of court with his/her accuser.

This time, however, Ramos is intent on going all the way.

He is supposedly confident that he can win the case and wants to be paid the full, not-yet-decided-upon amount of his suit.

Gloria Allred is serving as Ramos' attorney and has already sent Kanye notice for a deposition.

Yes, that Gloria Allred. Only she could make us root for someone affiliated with Kim Kardashian.


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