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When you think of Kim Kardashian undercover, be honest: 

You think of this reality star under covers in the Kim Kardashian sex tape

But Kardashian was featured on the Oxygen premiere of Celebrities Undercover last night, undergoing an incredible transformation and pretending to be one of many women interviewing for the job of… Kim Kardashian Assistant!

The following footage is actually pretty funny, as Kim (sorry, “Cynthia”), ends up fooling Kourtney Kardashian with her disguise and also playing a prank on the actual assistant hopefuls.


They believe for awhile that Kim has hooked up with Eminem and they must keep this (fake) scoop a secret.

Watch now and let’s give credit where credit is due: to the producers and writers, that is.

Not to Kim. She’s as wooden and as scripted as ever.

Kim Kardashian Stars on Celebrities Undercover