Kanye West Greatest "Hits" Collection

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Kanye West and members of the paparazzi get into fights. A lot. Here's a look at some of his greatest "hits" in recent years.

1. Kanye West Attacks Photographer

Kanye West attacks a photographer, again, as seen in this amazing TMZ video from July 2013.

2. Kanye West Goes OFF on Paparazzo

Kanye West unloads on a paparazzo outside his house at 4 a.m. You gotta see this.

3. Kanye West Walks Into Pole

Kanye West walks into a pole, hurts his head, then gets absolutely livid with photographers. You gotta see it.

4. Kanye West Screams at Cameraman

Kanye West flips the eff out on a TMZ cameraman in this video. He does not want anyone talking to him!

5. Kanye West Smashes Camera

Kanye West smashes a paparazzi camera at the airport in 2008 in one of his most infamous fits of rage.

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