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Rumors that Karrueche Tran dumped Chris Brown earlier this year were accurate. The alleged reason? A little different than previously reported.

It wasn’t because Rihanna paid him a secret visit in rehab, or because Chris banged in rehab employee … although both of those things did occur.

Karrueche pulled the plug on their years-long, on-again, off-again relationship because he refused to stop texting his legion of side piece playthings.

Karrueche Tran Dumped Chris Brown Because ...

Tran’s break-up preceded Chris’ sexual tryst with a female inside rehab, reports indicate. Kae ended things after she visited Chris in rehab the month before.

During that visit to rehab, where he was being treated for anger management, Tran saw Chris’ phone was FILLED to the gills with dirty texts from random girls.

Good times.

For a girl who stood by her man through a LOT, it was the last straw, and she let him know it. Bet he’s thinking about this (among other things) in solitary.


Karrueche was incredibly pissed, and rightfully so, because she had been nothing but supportive to Chris throughout his ordeal, even going to court with him.

She hadn’t heard that he was allegedly getting down with girls in rehab until after the break-up … he is now in jail after being kicked out of rehab.

One of the reasons for that? Brown was touching women inappropriately, breaking a rule the facility (the second to kick him out) imposed on him specifically.

Pretty incredible.

Chris Brown: Dumped by Karrueche Tran! Rihanna to Blame!